Dredd related characters include Judge Dredd, Cassandra Anderson, Marlon Shakesphere, The Dark Judges, Dirty Frank, Akiko Inaba, John Clay, Mean Angel, Tweak, a Couch Potato and Aimee Nixon

2000 AD is a weekly comic series produced and distributed in the UK, it wascreated by Pat Mills and John Wagner and has been running since 1977.


Edited by the Mighty Tharg, 2000 AD is a magazine stocked full of thrill power. It has helped launch the careers of many writers and artists and has produced many bizzare and amazing strips, famous examples include Slaine, ABC Warrirors, Zennith, Strontium Dog, Rouge Trooper, Nikolai Dante and most importantly of all Judge Dredd.

Dredd World Strips PublishedEdit