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America Jara
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Vital statistics
Position Terrorist
First Appearance America
Status Dead

America Jara was the daughter of a Puerto Rican couple who had moved to Mega-City One in search of a better life. The actions of the city's Judges caused her to choose a dark path that eventually led her to terrorism and murder.


Ever since her childhood in Fred Nietzsche block America was brave, strong-willed and independent. As an adult, her bravado masked a deep sadness resulting from the cruelty that had been inflicted upon her.


When she was at university, America asked awkward questions about what had happened to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and didn't like the answers. She lost her parents during the 'Block Mania' event, when normal citizens were turned into vicious murderers by a psychotropic drug in the water supply. (Her father Tony ran amok with a laser, killing first his wife Alvira and then himself.) After the Apocalypse War, America went on a march asking for more democracy. The march turned violent because of Justice Department agents provocateurs. America's boyfriend died and Justice Department aborted her six-month-old foetus without her consent. They claimed that it had been a mutant — this was at the time when mutants were not legally permitted to live in the city — but as they had already shown themselves to be deceitful and underhand when dealing with pro-democracy activists, a question mark hangs over their assessment of the foetus' genetic purity.

These events naturally hardened and embittered America. She joined the pro-democracy terrorist group Total War, who had no qualms about using violence to achieve their aims. When the group planned to blow up the Statue of Liberty, they were betrayed by Bennett Beeny, a weak-willed man who had been friends with America ever since they had grown up in Fred Nietzsche block together. A team of Judges led by Judge Dredd cornered the would-be bombers and America was shot down on the steps of the statue, clutching the stars and stripes.

While America was brain-dead, Bennett Beeny impregnated her. He then had his brain transferred into her body. Nine months later America/Bennett gave birth to a girl, America Beeny, who would grow up to join the Judges whom her mother had so detested. Poor old America Jara's life and death were just one damn thing after another.


  • The ill-treated America Jara was the central character in the widely-acclaimed story America, which was written to show that Judge Dredd is arguably the villain in his own series. However, follow-up stories featuring her daughter America Beeny cast Justice Department in a much more sympathetic light.
  • One of America Jara's tasks when she worked for Total War was to pretend to be a prostitute, in order to attract Judges whom the group would then kill.