Chief-Judge Hershey
Vital statistics
Position Current Chief Judge of Mega-City One
First Appearance Judge Child Quest
Status Active

Judge Hershey is the current Chief Judge and youngest to ever hold that title. Hershey first appeared in the Judge Child Quest starting out as a Judge just out of the Academy and quickly rose in ranks, going trough as a member of the Council of Five, Deputy Chief Judge and finally the Chief Judge herself in 2122.


During the length of the series Hershey has gone from being over-emotional and brash to a Judge who sticks hard to the rules, but is very open and capable of making compromise. She tries to maintain a good relationship with the citizens of the City, which has been especially difficult since tragedies like Chaos Day and the Total War attacks. She has a long running friendship with Dredd, and often listen to what he has to say knowing that he's nearly always right.




  • Hershey was designed to be the polar opposite of Judge Anderson. Her hair was even basedon the shape of a Judges helmet.
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