Big Zak
Big zak
Vital statistics
Position Ape revolutionist
First Appearance The Case of the Urban Gorillas
Status Deceased
Big Zak was a Uplift who led an assault on the Mickey Dolenz Block as part of an attempt to improve the Uplifts' living conditions, and killed many people when doing so.


Zak hated humans with a passion, but was willing to go to extremes for his own kind.


Zak led an assault on the Mickey Dolenz Block and demanded that Uplift living conditions in the Jungle were improved from the slums they were. Zak began killing hostages in the Block, and at least fifty people died before Dredd successfully infiltrated the Dolenz Block. Dredd quickly made his way to Zak and after incapacitating most of his goons he captured Zak. He told Zak that he intended to make sure some improvement would be made towards renovating the Jungle, before executing him for mass murder.


  • Zak was designed to partially resemble famous Cuban revolutionist and murderer, Che Guvera.
  • At one stage he was shown with a badge featuring a golliwog.