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Vital statistics
Position Mutant Plant
First Appearance Brainblooms (Comic)
Status Alive

Brainblooms were a cross hybrid of plant and human DNA, they were brought as a commodity by the rich but outlawed in 2099.


The Brainblooms were created from a mix of human and plant DNA, they were bought up in the masses, however they were outlawed due to what they needed to be fed to grow - though exactly what this substance was wasn't revealed in the original story. The ban was later retconned as being because Brainblooms can induce insanity in humans. Of course, they were still available on the black market. Dredd's landlady Maria bought one for him not knowing they were illegal, Dredd then traced the illegal plant back to the rooftop garden of the bio-criminal Mrs Mahaffy and attempted to arrest her, only to become hypnotized by the Brainblooms song and be convinced into killing himself. He fails however and snaps out of his trance, allowing him to arrest Mahaffy after the Brainblooms had been smothered in Riot Foam.

Years later and shortly before Chaos Day, Dredd and Psi-Judge Hamida pick up a trail of recent insane outbursts which leads them to a large factory in the wastelands full of Brainblooms featured in the Apocalypse War. It turns out that when under stress the Brainblooms create a powerful drug and were being farmed in the masses. Dredd and Hamida kill the man responsible, incidentally destroying most of the Brainblooms at the same time.