Brian Urwin Skuter
Vital statistics
Position Journalist
First Appearance Judge Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend
Status Deceased

Brian Urwin Skuter was a journalist who was hired to document the childhood of the alien superfiend Judge Death.


Skuter was cocky and slightly hot-headed, he didn't seem to really consider his actions.


Skuter is given a call late one night telling him to come to Sylvia Plath. Out of curiosity he follows up on the call to find Judge Death waiting for him. Initially fearful, Skuter is convinced (Or rather forced) into sitting down and getting a focus on just who Judge Death was, including his motives and origins.

Brian urwin skuter
As the interview goes on, Skuter learns of Death's very first victim, his family life, his real name (Sydney) and just how he came to be Judge Death. After the interview Death allowed Skuter to leave with his life, likely being one of the only people to have freely escaped his grasp.

The article is published the very next day, the same night however Skuter gets another phone call from Death. Skuter foolishly goes to confront him and Death fumes about the article having trivilzed his life, Skuter tries to tell him that it was his editor decision and that the original article didn't send a good message. So in a sick retaliation, Death kills Skuter and dumps his body in a Rad-Pit before reporting the incident for the Judges to find.

Several years later Skuter's ghost was shown haunting the apartment he died in, angry that the article he wrote had never gotten properly published.


  • Brian Skuter was a pseudonym used by John Wagner when writing Superfeind.