Tek-Judge Brufen
Vital statistics
Position Head of Tek-Division
First Appearance A Chief Judge Resigns
Status Deceased
 Tek-Judge Brufen was the head of the Tek-Division and a member of the Council of Five from 2108-2110.


Brufen was highly intelligent and went along with Chief Judge Silver's plans.


Before joining the Council of Five, Brufen had already made a name for himself for designing the Manta Prowl Tank. He replaced Judge Renbow when he took over as head of the Tek-Division and continued to design weaponry for the Judges.

In 2110 his career was brought to a sudden end when he was assassinated by a trio of Judda, Brufen attempted to fight them off but was caught unaware and was burnt alive by their Law-Rods.

He was replaced by Judge Odell, who somewhat ironically acted as the minder of the last surviving Judda prisoner Kraken.


  • An artists oversight in the story Tale of the Dead Man depicts Brufen as alive and well, two years after his death in the mega-epic Oz.