Chip J. Lowther
Vital statistics
Position Citizen
First Appearance Dear Annie
Status Deceased

Chip J. Lowther was the husband of Xena Lowther and main protagonist in the two part Necropolis intro Dear Annie.


Chip deeply cared for his wife Xena, and was seemingly quite courageous hitting the alien superfiend Judge Death with a chair when he attacked her. He stuck buy her even after she went insane and even after she tried to kill him.


Chip bravely defended his wife Xena from being killed by Judge Death during the third attack by the Dark Judges on Mega-City One. However after the attack his wife mental state rapidly decreased becoming insane and falling in love with her once attempted murderer Judge Death. Unknown to Chip, his wife's insanity was only worsened by the Sisters of Death.

Eventually after Xena nearly kills him he decides to write in to an agony aunt hoping for some advice on how to save the marriage, after writing the letter however Xena stumbles in and pushes him onto a table, holding him down she stabs him in the stomach, killing him and releasing the Sisters Phobia and Nausea into the world.