Vital statistics
Position Pet of Jack Point
First Appearance Crystal Blue
Status Deceased

Cliq was the (Highly illegal) pet Raptaur of Wally Squad Judge Jack Point


Like all Raptaurs, Cliq was a bloodthirsty creature. But it showed great devotion to its owner Point.


Point found Cliq as a baby after taking down a operation dealing in adult Raptaurs. Cliq quickly grew and made its home in a sewer nearby to Point's apartment and would instantly come to his aid with just a whistle. Often being used as either a threat or a means to kill of anyone unpleasant.

After a while Cliq started to became harder to control, when Point went to investigate he discovered someone had been feeding Cliq drugged rats. By the time he finds his pet he see's it being killed by Anne Thorpe using sonic weapons. Point allows Thorpe to live as he owed her a favour and found a bracken piece of his deceased pet that slowly began to grow.