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Vital statistics
Position Denizens of Hell
First Appearance The Possessed
Status Active

Demons are the deizens of Hell. They have shown up several times, often coming into conflict with Psi-Judge Anderson.


Demon attacks are very rare in Mega-City One, with barely over twenty reported cases of possession reported each year. In 2107 however, said demons attempted to open a gateway between their worlds, using a young human boy as their sacrifice. To stop them, Anderson is remorsefully forced to shoot and kill the child to stop the invasion.

A group of demons later grant Judge Fauster the gift of immortality, in return Fauster releases the Half-Life Virus into Mega-City One causing the citizens to go on insane killing spree's.

A invasion led byLord Omega commenced in 2129 in which masses of demons spread out into the city and slaughtered hundreds in their path. Judge Dredd led a team of Judges into the Hellish dimension and stopped the demonic forces, at the same time he put down his long time enemy Satanus for good.