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Edward Bernardo
Vital statistics
Position Undead Serial Killer
First Appearance ???
Status Undead and at large.

  Edward Bernardo was a mass-murder which was turned into a puppet of the Dark Judges during Necropolis


Bernardo was a twisted soul who obsessed over killing. So much so that when Judge Death peered into his heart he decided to bring him back to life and set him loose on the City to kill as he pleased.


Bernardo was a well off man with a wife and son, unknown to them both however, Bernardo was an accomplished serial killer that never left a shred of evidence at the scene of a crime. When the Dark Judges invaded and the City became the Necropolis, Bernardo decided to add his family to his list of victims before the Dark Judges had a chance to. This was not enough however and Bernardo decided to try and kill Judge Death. He infiltrated the main base of the Dark Judges and waited till Death was alone before leaping down and stabbing Judge Death in the heart. This proved to be pointless however due to the fact Judge Death could not be killed. Having seen the evil in his heart however, Judge Death decides to reanimate Bernardo and set him loose upon the City to kill whoever he came across, only with each of Bernardo's victims being in Death's name.  Almost 30 years later Bernardo remains at large, still killing, his knife being found at the crime scene of one of his killings and donated to the Black Museum quite recently.