Fast Eeek
Fast eeek
Vital statistics
Position Fast Eeek
First Appearance The Ape Gang
Status Deceased

Fast Eeek was a uplift and one of Don Uggie Apelino's lieutenants in the Ape Gang.


Eeek was loyal to Don Uggie and carried out his orders without question.


Eeek assisted Don Uggie in most of his crimes in the Jungle. He and Joe Bananas accompanied Don Uggie when he confronted Dredd about the East Side Mob.

He and Bananas later help in assassinating the East Side Mob's second in command, giving him a pair of "concrete shoes" and drowning him in a river. Eeek was later arrested alongside Don Uggie when the Ape Gang was ambushed by the Judges.

After two years in prison, Don Uggie and his boys put out a hit on Dredd, offering a billion creds to do so. This prompted a large number of hitmen to try and put a bullet between his head, it ended badly of course and Uggie and his boys simply wound up in jail a second time.

Years later after the Apocalypse War the Jungle was wiped out by atomic blast. Eeek followed Don Uggie back to the wasteland and lost a great deal of intelligence due to the radiation. When Dredd followed up on reports of Ape attacks, Fast Eeek attacked Dredd, attempting to squash him with a rather large boulder. Dredd stops him of course and plants a tracer on Eeek. He trails Eeek back to his camp and finds the remnants of the Ape Gang dancing round a fire, with fast Eeek boasting about outsmarting Dredd. Fast Eeek is then promptly shot down.