Father Earth
Vital statistics
Position Cult Leader
First Appearance Father Earth (Comic)
Status Deceased

Father Earth was a insane mutant fanatic who led an attack on Mega-City One in 2102 during the Mayoral election. 


Father Earth was insane and deluded, believing plants to be more important than any other form of life. Never the less he was enigmatic enough to bring together an army of thousands to fight for his cause.


Father Earth spent several years gathering a massive army of followers, including mutants, Cursed Earth settlers and Mega-City Exiles, killing any that refused to join him. In 2102 during voting day for the mayoral elections, he led his army of devout followers to Mega-City One and set up a massive protest outside the City walls, and begins to promise a coming apocalypse for the city. 

Judge Dredd confronts Chief Judge Griffin and Deputy Chief Judge Pepper hoping to get their assistance in disbanding the protest, however Pepper thinking it only a groundless threat decides to let them stay. This proves to be a tragic mistake as Father Earth's elite guard known as the Doomsday Dogs break into the Power Tower and plant several bombs around the Towers magma pipes. Most of the bombs were discovered and deactivated, however one remained and went off during the vote, causing a massive electronic surge and causing masses of flame and molten lava to spew out onto the City's street as well as massive tremors and earthquakes.

During the chaos, Father Earth rallies his troops and leads them into the City to further cause chaos. He makes it to the Mega-City Botanical Gardens were he and his two grooming maidens catch the hypnotic shriek of the man eating Bloodplant which had escaped alongside many other deadly plants. His grooming maidens are both killed by other plants, but Earth finds the Bloodplant and approaches it, thinking it a god. The Bloodplant wraps him in its vines and promptly swallows the fanatic, killing him.

Over thirty years later the Bloodplant finally empties the remains of Father Earth from its stomach, where its revealed that his vines still grew even long after his death and the flower on his head a hypnotic qualities.


  • Father Earth may be partially based on Chales Manson, a psychopathic cult leader responsible for several murders, including actress Sharon Tate. Similarities include their appearance, bizarre ideals, and that Manson had a small commune in the California Desert while Father Earth had a home in the Cursed Earth.