Judge Folger
Vital statistics
Position Acting Head of the Wally Squad
First Appearance Bullet to King Four
Status Deceased

Judge Folger was the acting head of Wally Squad after Judge Hollister went into a coma during the pre-Chaos Day riots. She barely held the position for more than a few weeks before getting murdered. 


Folger didn't get up to much, but she seemed to have some disdain towards Buell and the SJS.


Folger was bought in as a replacement for Judge Hollister after she fell into a coma. Under Hershey's orders she is present at the first official meeting after the events of Chaos Day. She does little bit ridicule Buell and explain what had happened to Hollister.

Folger is later drugged by Judge Bachman who used her to steal a chip contains the identities of every undercover agent in the Wally Sqaud. Disguised as a Fattie she went to meet with her contact only to find Simp detective Jack Point waiting for her. She attacks Point thinking him a spy but Point whistles for his pet Raptaur, Larf to come to his aid. The Raptaur fatally wounds Folger but its neurotoxins restore her to sanity, she hands Point the chip in the form of a jester doll. Point panic and dumps her body in a Sector 13 Rad-Pit.