Fungus Bellamy
Fungus bellamy
Vital statistics
Position Owner of the Mega-City Alien Zoo
First Appearance Inside Job
Status Alive

Fungus Bellamy is the owner of the Mega-City Alien Zoo and has a vast knowledge of its creatures.


Bellamy cares deeply about the aliens on display and is shown to have good knowledge on the entire bestiary.


Bellamy was working as a vet at the Alien Zoo when he is called in by Dredd to help on a case involving a liquidised assassin which had taken refuge inside a fattie. Bellamy gives the fattie a muscle relaxant causing him to violently fart out the liquid assassin.

Several years later Bellamy was now the owner of the Alien Zoo, however with the events of Chaos Day wiping out most of the city and a good portion of the human staff, Bellamy decides to ship the animals off planet where they will be safer.