Vital statistics
Position Mutant Assassins
First Appearance Assault on I-Block Four
Status Active

The Gila Munja are a group of deadly mutant assassins with claws secreted in a fast killing poison. They are commonly hired to take out targets normal hit-men cant get to, and kill one of their own when accepting a contract.


Gila-Munja have a wide array of abilities including turning their bodies invisible, secreting their claws in toxic venom, scaling walls with ease and posses large amounts of strength. Other breeds of Gila-Munja posses differing abilities.


After ex-mobster "Shakey" Pete Coco had promised to rat out  on his former employers to the Judges, a group of Gila-Munja were hired to kill Coco before he could tell all. 

Tracing him to the near impenetrable I-Block Four, the Gila-Munja fought their way inside, although most of them died in the process. Eventually a single Gila-Munja makes it to Coco and began to tear down the steel door protecting him. Before it could enter however it was shot in the back by Dredd. Sadly it was to late for Coco who had died of a heart attack.

After this, the Gila-Munja were put on the Mega-City One most wanted list and announced as "Open Season" if any were encountered.


  • Several offshoots of the Gila-Munja are known to exist in different parts of the world.