Judge Stark affected by Grubb's Disease

Grubb's Disease was a slow acting fatal fungus which caused sufferers to become coverd in large and ever expanding mushrooms before the host dies and the mushrooms explode into spores.


Grubb's disease was discoverd in 2104 shortly after the Apocalypse War by the ex-mayor of Mega-City One Jim Grubb. Grubb was the first to die from the disease but not before he acidently bourght the fungus into contact with others and acidently causing the disease to spread. In Grubb's passing the fungus was named after him.

Judges managed to contain the disease and was experimanted with over the years, one research station on Luna-1 managed to make a fast acting strain of the Disease which was used on its creators by acident.

The disease has also been used on the criminal underground, mobsters and hitman sometimes using it as a means to elminate a target, among these was the young but prolific Judge Stark, who managed to gain revenge on the mobster who infected him by infecting him by getting close to him before shooting himself in the head, thus infecting the mobster.