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Heavy Metal Kids
Vital statistics
Position Demolition Robots
First Appearance Robots (Comic)
Status Discontinued

The Heavy Metal Kids were massive demolition robots that joined Call-Me-Kenneth during the first Robot Wars.


The Heavy Metal Kids were first shown as an exhibit at the Robot of the Year show in 2098. After the robot revolutionist Call-Me-Kenneth had decided to rise up against the humans the Heavy Metal Kids were amongst the first to come to his aid. When the Judges erect massive steel barriers with hopes to isolate the revolutionists, the Heavy Metal Kids smash them down and began to attack the city. Dredd led a one man attack across a bridge, zipping through them as them smashed into the ground trying to hit him. Eventually the bridge breaks way and the Kids fall to their doom miles below.

Later Kenneth lead a squad of four Heavy Metal Kids to attack the Grand Hall of Justice in an attempt to wipe out the leading Judges. Dredd intercepted the attack however and short circuited the Heavy Metal Kids with a lighting storm created by Weather Control. The Heavy Metal Kids turn on each other and destroy themselves, one of them accidentally knocking Kenneth off a bridge in the process.


A few weeks after the war one of the Heavy Metal Kids that had fallen from the bridge was discoverd having smashed through into the Undercity. It was hijacked by a rat-cathing robot that wanted retribution for the death of its Robo-Dogs which were killed by Dredd during the war. He orderd the Heavy Metal Kid to kill Dredd, it was quickly destroyed however, with its master being shot shortly afterwards.

The Heavy Metal Kids were discontinued after the war, but were commonly remembered when referring back to the Robot Wars.