Jack Point
Vital statistics
Position Undercover Judge Detective
First Appearance Mega-City Noir: Gumshoe
Status Active

Jack Point is the lead character from the Simping Detective series. Origonally a Street Judge, he was dissmissed and took to working undercover as a private investigator using the simp guise as a part of his cover, patroling the highly corrupt Sector 13 aka Angeltown.


Point was by no means the most rule abideing Judge with a perverted attitude as well as a drinking addiction, Point would often be a irritation to the Judges and was under frequent SJS survailance. However he did have the best intrests for people at heart and would carry out his job to the best of his ability, he has a relationship with ex-Judge turned P.I Galen DeMarco and has owned two Raptaurs as (highly illegal) pets.