Jim Grubb
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Vital statistics
Position Mayor of Mega-City One
First Appearance The Day the Law Died
Status Deceased

Jim Grubb was a long standing and popular mayor of Mega-City One who held office for years before disappearing at the start of the Apocalypse War.


Grubb cared a lot for the city and had a family, yet in the face of danger he was rather cowardly and would twist the occurrence of events to suit his favour. 


Grubb was elected mayor in 2093 and was a generally popular leading official. In 2099 the mayor's son was kidnapped amongst several others by a group of radical mutants named the Brotherhood of Darkness.

In 2101 Grubb was taken into custody by the insane tyrant Cal and placed in a mental institution to remove any possible opposition to his rule, which Grubb cowardly went along with. Only a year later Grubb was in the run for re-election, using his standing up to Cal as a leaning point, (which he never did). At the time of the vote however the cult-leader Father Earth led an attack on the city, causing a brief disruption to the election. Afterwards Grubb was re-elected.

Grubb continued to rule the office up until 2104, but went missing during the eve of the Apocalypse War. The sight of the blast turned him insane and he began wandering amongst the wastelands remembering only that he was once a man of power and took to calling himself "Grubby". He came into contact with a bizarre fungus which slowly infected his body and accidentally caused the virus to spread. Eventually the virus spread the entirety of his body and killed him. In his wake the bizarre disease was named Grubb's Disease and an airport was named after him.