Joe Bananas
Vital statistics
Position Uplift Mobster
First Appearance The Ape Gang
Status Deceased

Joe Bananas was a uplift and one of Don Uggie Apelino's lieutenants in the Ape Gang.


Bananas was loyal to Don Uggie and carried out his orders without question.


Bananas assisted Don Uggie in most of his crimes. He and Fast Eeek accompanied Don Uggie when he confronted Dredd about the East Side Mob.

He and Eeek later help in assassinating the East Side Mob's second in command, giving him a pair of "concrete shoes" and drowning him in a river. Bananas was later killed when the Judges ambush Don Uggie and the Ape Gang, being caught up in a hail of bullets.


  • Joe Bananas takes his name from real life mobster Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno, a name he hated because it made him sound crazy.