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Judge Child Quest
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Vital statistics
Author Alan Grant & John Wagner
Illustrator Brian Bolland Mike McMahon Ron Smith
Published by 2000 AD

The Judge Child Quest was the third "mega epic" which ran in 2000 AD from progs 156 to 181. The story is notable for many firsts includeing the introducton of various popular characters such as the titular Judge Child, The Angel Gang, Judge Hershey and Murd the Oppressor. Its also noteable for being the first story co-writien by Alan Grant and John Wagner.


Part 1: The Judge Child[]

The story starts with Dredd riding into a mutant slavers camp. After the slavers refuse surrender, a gunfight breaks out. Dredd kills most of them but the slavers leader manages to get their whip around Dredd's neck and begins to drag him across the ground. Dredd gains leverage however and causes the slaver to tumble into a pit of Sulpher Sand. The slaver begs for his life, Dredd bargins and asks about a recent captive of theirs. A flashback then reveals the final precognition of Psi-Judge Feyy, showing Mega-City One in a pit of fire being raveged by monsters. To prevent this they had to find the mysterious Owen Krysler so he would one day become Chief Judge to prevent such an outcome. The slaver reveals that he had sold the boy to another chain of slavers from the Neutron Flats several days prior. After helping the slaver form the sand he is hung by his former quarry and Dredd rides off towards the Neutron Flats.

Part 2: What am i bid for Judge Dredd?[]

Having rode to Neutron Flats, Dredd witnesses a slave auction taking place and is disgusted when he sees a mutant happily selling his own kind. After the auction Dredd confronts the auctioneer and interrogates him about the Child, learing that he had recently been sold on to the Brotherhood of Trash. In order to infiltrate the Brotherhood, Dredd has the slaver auction him off to the Brotherhood for 300 creds.

Characters []