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Judge Dredd is the titular hero of the long running 2000ad comic series of the same name. This wiki is dedicated to the vast variety of characters, story lines and spin off's around the series.

Judge DreddEdit

Judge Dredd is a series that has run for nearly forty years. Set in a post-apocalyptic world full of massive sprawls of wastelands inhabeted only by those mutated by the radioactive fallout of past wars. in these wastelands are the Mega-Cities, the most well known of these is Mega-City One covering the entire west cost of North America. In a city consisting of several million it has been the subject of wars, demonic and alien invasion and the birthplace to many of the most infamous criminals known to man. The only line of defence protecting the citizens being the elite police force of the Judges who act as the judge, jury and if need be executioner of the people they protect.


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