Judge Whitey
Prog 2
Vital statistics
Author Pat Mills & Peter Harris
Illustrator Mike McMahon
Published by 2000ad

Judge Whitey was the very first Judge Dredd story published in Prog 2 of 2000ad


A trio of criminals holed up in the Empire State Building. The leader Whitey kills a Judge and sends his body to Justice HQ, calling out top lawman Judge Dredd to fight. The Cheif Judge considers bombing the building, but Dredd convinces him otherwise as he goes to confront Whitey's gang. He arrives and quickly shoots down the gang and arrests Whitey, dumping him off on Devil's Island, condemning with a life's sentence for killing a judge. After the ordeal, Dredd hangs the badge of the deceased Judge on a wall alongside many others who had died in service.



  • While the first Dredd story ever published, in its place originally was actually a strip drawn by Carlos Ezquerra titled Bank Raid and the character was planned to be introduced in Prog 1, however due to time constraints this never happened, and Judge Whitey became the first Dredd strip instead. The very first Dredd strip drawn was Mugger's Moon with art by John Cooper.
  • At this time, the series took place in New York rather than Mega-City One.