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Kit Agee
Kit agee.png
Vital statistics
Position Psi Judge
First Appearance Necropolis
Status Deceased

Kit Agee was a experienced young Psi Judge who was used as a vessel bythe Sisters of Death during Necropolis.


Kit was a high level Psi Judge with a jovial nature, making her perfect friends with Anderson. She regarded Dredd as 'His Majesty' due to his stern nature.


After the Sisters of Death had used up all the energy of their first human vessel (A young woman named Xena), they required a new body continue their plans, deciding to use Kit, the first Psi to have had any premonition over the foruth coming Necropolis.

A night after having gone into an insane trance, she is called out by Kraken (Who was using Dredd's identity after he had left the city). Kraken tells her that he had a hunch towards the cause of her trance, as they get closer to the source however, Agee realises that they were going towards the Sisters. She attempts to flee but Kraken knocks her out and carry's her to the sisters.


Kit awakens only to find herself tied up and unable to move, the Sisters then begin to taunt her before she looses consciousness and the Sisters begin to use her body to start the Necropolis.

Anderson later tries to get through to Kit telepathically, but the Sisters silence her, and it is decided that she needed to be killed to allow for the Dark Judges to be defeated. She, Dredd and several other Judges commandeer a Pat-Wagon and use it to destroy the building Kit was held in, killing her in the process.