SJS Judge Kovaks
Vital statistics
Position SJS Judge
First Appearance Petty Crimes
Status Active

Judge Kovaks is a SJS Judge who was sent to investigate indiscretions committed by Wally Sqaud P.I Jack Point.


Kovaks was good at her job but rather easy to fool, which Point has done several times. She does seem to want to help Point however instead of sentence him, which is rare for an SJS Judge.


Kovaks was assigned to monitor Point's actions after it was reported he had been partaking in minor criminal activities. She held regular meetings with him, checking if he had been partaking in any criminal indulgences, eventually discovering Point had consumed alcohol. Thinking it only a small amount Kovaks agrees to help Point with his drinking problem. 

The same night however Point calls Kovaks to inform her that he had relapsed and began drinking heavily again, she arrives to assist only for Point's office to come under gunfire. When rockets get involved she and Point execute all the perps present. Unknown to her however, Point had just tricked her into helping him cover up several crimes.