Mean Angel
Real mean
Vital statistics
Position Ex-Serial Buttist
First Appearance Judge Child Quest
Status Alive

Mean "Machine" Angel was a perp with a well deserved rep. Origonally a member of the infamous Angel Gang before disbanding during the Judge Child saga. Afterwards he became a freelance criminal, commiting more crimes than there were laws. 


As a child and before his cyborg converstion Mean was generally a quiet and cheerfull boy, prefering to play in the dirt than murder and mame like the rest of his family.

After the converstion he became highly aggresive and easily angerd. His intelligence dropped incredibly, althogh it had slowly increased over time, and became a lot more mellow in attitude once he found out about his son.




  • Mean's recent arm and sledgehammer body modifications cast a rather familiar resemblance to Hammerstein MKIII models.
  • The four points on Mean's "rage dial" are 1. surly, 2. mean, 3. brutal and 4. viscous. On rare occasions Mean's dial will get stuck on 4 and a half he goes into an uncontrollable butting frenzy.  
  • John Wagner has stated that the origonal killing off of Mean and the rest of the Angel Gang was a terrible mistake which is part of the reason he came back not to long after the end of the Judge Child Saga.