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Mega-City One
Vital statistics
Type Mega-City
Location North America

Mega-City One - 'The Big Meg' - is the first, most established and famous of all of the world's global Mega-Cities. Formally named in 2032 AD and occupying a huge chunk of the entire North American eastern seaboard, it is currently home to over 150 million citizens (800 million at its peak forty years ago!) Crime is rampant and with society teetering on a constant knife-edge, the only thing stopping the descent into total chaos is the city's elite law enforcement system... the judges of the MC-1 Justice Department, empowered to dispense instant, brutal justice in a society where democracy is dead and the rights and freedoms of the individual have been swept away to maintain strict order. Most famous of them all is Judge Joe Dredd, a grizzled uncompromising sixty year veteran of the streets and beyond: in this dangerous future world filled with psychotic criminals, terrorist threats, the ever-present risk of attack from foreign powers and extraterrestrial forces, and the everyday changing crazes practised by a bored population made up of lunatic factions, Dredd IS The Law!