Mercurian Dragon
Vital statistics
Position Species
First Appearance There be Dragons
Status Alive

Mercurian Dragons are a species of giant predatory reptile from the planet Mercury.


At least one Mercurian Dragon was captured and held at the Mega-City Alien Zoo. It was fed on Synthi-Meat and held in a cage far smaller than it needed. It quickly became the Alien Zoo's most popular attraction replacing the Wurlitz Wooflebeast. It was commonly used for tricks such as eating fake zoo keepers. 

The Mercurian Dragon was finally released from its captivity when the Alien Zoo was attacked by the Alien Liberation Army who smashed through its cage and allowed the Dragon to fly out. Dredd allowed the Dragon to leave the city and fly into the Cursed Earth, deciding that it had shown no harm towards humans as it flies across the skyline.