Morton Judd
Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Judda
First Appearance Oz
Status Deceased
 Morton Judd was at first the Head of Genetics during the early days of Goodman's career and was noted for creating the twin Fargo clones Joe and Rico Dredd. However after the Atomic Wars Judd put forward a plan to clone the most elite of the Judges and citizens, when this was rebuffed, he tried to assassinate Goodman, he failed and fled to Australia where he created the Judda.


Judd was highly intelligent and resourceful, but unfortunately quite insane. He created the Judda cult using the same DNA used on Dredd and Rico, he believed himself to be some kind of chosen one and planned to overthrow Mega-City One. Although this was long after he had fled the city and its likely his mental health had been stirred somewhat.