Mugger's Moon
Muggers moon
Vital statistics
Author Gerry Finley-Day
Illustrator John Cooper
Published by 2000ad

Mugger's Moon was a Judge Dredd strip published in prog 19 of 2000ad.


Late at night an elderly man is set upon by a group of muggers. He makes it to a car and begs for help but the driver scoff's at him and drives off, the old man in a feeble attempt to escape acidently pulls off the exhaust pipe, burning his hand. The gang closes in, but the old man is saved by the arrival of Judge Dredd who promtly deals justice to the muggers.  The old man explains about the driver and Dredd promises to deal with him later. And so not long after Dredd pulls the man over and destroys his veichle for pollution, the driver not knowing that the old man had broken his exhaust.



  • Mugger's Moon was the very first Judge Dredd strip ever drawn, taking basis from Carlos Ezquerra's design for Dredd. Why it was published so long after is unknown.