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First Appearance The Brotherhood of Darkness
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Mutants are people and wildlife that were mutated by the Nuclear fallout of the Atomic Wars. They are a common aspect seen in the series, many early stories had mutant antagonists but have been shown in a softer light in more recent material, especially the Tour of Duty saga in which mutants are finally given citizenship to Mega-City One.


The first mutants came about in the fallout of the Atomic War that was instigated by the corrupt President Booth, many came with varying abnormalities such as horns, claws, multiple eyes etc. Other than people, much of the landscape and wildlife mutated as well, with wide spaces of earth simply becoming Wastelands.

Laws were quickly put in place and mutants were barred from many Mega-Cities, and were instead forced to survive in the atomic wastes. Many did not survive. Things went badly for the mutant cause after numerous attacks on Mega-City One were led by dangerous mutants such as the Brotherhood of Darkness, Father Earth and the Monkey, however in more recent years Mutants were allowed access into the city under a strict set of guidelines.

In England, up to 70% of the population was wiped out during the Great War of 2050. Fallout from the war caused a great number of abnormal birth due to showers of Strontium-90 that had crossed the land. Mutants quickly became a target for racism and hate crimes. Laws were passed preventing them from having jobs and forcing them to live in ghetto's such as Milton Keynes. By 2180 one of the few jobs left to employ mutants was bounty hunting, which lead to a large number of mutants becoming Strontium Dogs.

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