Nicey Nicey
Vital statistics
Position Gang Leader
First Appearance Origins
Status Deceased

Nicey Nicey was a Cursed Earth gang leader who appeared several times in the mega epic Origins.


Nicey was patroniseing, violent and rather dim witted. Still, he knew a bit of French at the very least.


Nicey and his gang were first bourght to Dredd's attention during his hunt for Fargo when they attacked a lone Helltrek truck, killing a young couple in the process. Nicey and his second in command Quigley later spotted Dredd's convoy and surronded it and the remaining Judges while Dredd went to hunt for the child from the Helltrekker couple. Nicey taunts them before attacking and sucsessfully killing one of the Judges. The attack is bourght to a stop however when Dredd returns with several others, forceing Nicey to flee.

Regrouping with the rest of his gang, Nicey attempts to attack the Judges a second time. He and his gang slowly make their way up a hill in a attempt at stealth, not knowing they had been picked up by sensors. Dredd and the others roll out and counter attack Nicey and his gang, killing them all. Nicey wounded on the ground offers to parley, but Dredd declines and shoots him point blank in the face.