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Old One Eye
Vital statistics
Position The baddest dinosaur to ever live
First Appearance The Cursed Earth (Dredd)
Flesh! (Original)
Status Deceased

The Mighty Hag Mother known as Old One Eye was a female Tyrannosaurs-Rex that was the mother (and killer) of the black tyrannosaur Satanus.


Old One Eye was cruel and viscous, a seething hatred for all, especially humans. She had no problems in killing her own children if they got above themselves either.


During the Cretacious era, Old One Eye gave birth to a pack of young, amongst them being Satanus. As she raised her children, Satanus prooved the most earnest and deadly. Eventually as Old One Eye and Satanus both grew older, her son attempted to kill her so he could be the pack leader. Satanus waited till his mother was in a isolated area before he attempted to kill her, Old One Eye prooved to still be toguh however and after a fight that lasted several hours, Satanus lay at her feet, slowly dying.

Shortly afterwards, Old One Eye took part in the events of the story Flesh!, in which she gatehred an army of dinosaurs to massacre the Trans-Time human settlers.


  • Old One Eye origonally appeared in 'Flesh!', which began in prog 1 of 2000AD and ended in prog 19.
  • While 'the Cursed Earth' alludes directly to 'Flesh!', its hard to tell if its cannon or not due to it never being refrenced again in any Dredd material. It could be argued the futureistic elements of 'Flesh!' such as Trans-Time and the dinosaur food processing could take place in a later era than Judge Dredd comics are currently set in. Both stories are by Pat Mills.