Vital statistics
Position Nicey's second in command
First Appearance Origins
Status Deceased

Quigley was Nicey's second in command and a minor antagonist in Origins.


Quigley was rather dim witted, he loyaly followed Nicey and was rather easily surprised.


Quigley is first seen with his boss Nicey after they spotted Dredd's convoy and surronded it and the remaining Judges while Dredd went to hunt for the child from a murderd Helltrekker couple. Quigley sounds his "War-horn" and Nicey and his crew go down to attack. Quigley and co. flee however when Dredd arrives with back-up.

Quigley later follows Nicey on his second attack, attempting to attack them by surprise by crawling up the hill the Judges were stationed on. It fails however as the Judges pick them up on sensors and counter-attack their ambush. Quigley and Nicey are quickly shot down by Dredd's Lawmaster, Quigley dies instantly with Nicey being executed moments after.