Slick Willy
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Vital statistics
Position Troggie Gang Leader
First Appearance The Troggies
Status Imprisoned

Slick Willy was a Troggie gang leader who attempted to destroy a large part Mega-City One from underneath.


Willy talked in a 1950's style rocker slang, and acts just like one to, always carrying a microphone and dancing in nearly every action.


Slick Willy had planned to destroy a large portion of Mega-City One by blowing up the Undercity causing the city to crumble down from underneath. 

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Dredd came weary of Willy's plan when several of his Troggie soldiers came and kidnapped several citizens. Dredd trailed them to an old abandoned railway, but as he descended down he was ambushed and taken prisoner by the Troggies. He is taken to meet Willy and Dredd offers to allow him leniency if he surrenders himself. Willy laughs in his face and tells Dredd about his plan, when Dredd mentions that the Troggies would all be killed to they laugh and say they look forward to it. 

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Dredd is sent to work at a labour camp and is forced to assist in placing the explosives, however as the Troggies leave, Dredd escapes and takes a Electric Whip with him. He hijacks a train and drives it over to where Willy planned to set off the explosives, he then set off the train lights, blinding Willy and the Troggies and in the commotion he drops the detonator. He finds it but just before he could set it off Dredd uses the whip and electrocutes Willy knocking him unconscious and allowing for his arrest. 


  • Willy's dialouge, appearence and mannerisms are based upon steryotypes of 1950's rock stars.