Vital statistics
Position Passive Alien Race
First Appearance  ???
Status Alive

Stookies are a race of incredibly passive aliens who have a special gland which can halt the effects of ageing in humans, the gland however can only be obtained by killing the Stookie leading to many criminals setting up Stookie Farms to gather these glands.


Stookie was bought in mass after it came into the market, however after investigation into the product by the Judges, they find out the grisly facts and the Stookie drug is banned.

This wasn't the end of of Stookie however, the drug became available on the black market and was still regularly bought by those with enough money to do so. The Justice Department came down hard on these criminals sentencing both the pushers and users with the harshest of sentences. Dredd discovered a Stookie Farm at one point and after rescuing the naive aliens he was made an "Honorary Stookie".