The Jungle
Vital statistics
Type Slum
Location Mega-City One

The Jungle was a slum in Mega-City One, it was full of large climbing frame like structures and was largely populated by uplifts (genetically enhanced apes), it was located in Sector 301.


The Jungle was a small sector built not long after the Atomic Wars to house the Uplifts, however it quickly descended into depravity and crime when the gangs took over, reaching its lowest point when Don Uggie Apelino's gang took over in 2099. Apelino's gang wreaking several gang wars with the East Side Mob before finally the Judges took a step in and arrested Apelino and his gang.

The Jungle was wiped out during the Apocalypse War, and was deemed inhabitable due to nuclear fallout. It was later rebuilt but remained a slum full of gang violence and crime with various Mafia family's constantly taking dominance.