The Phantom
Vital statistics
Position Scrawler
First Appearance Un-American Graffiti
Status Destroyed

The Phantom was a Street Cleaner Droid that had become dissafected with its life, and not wanting to be just another cog in the machine, decided to make a name for itself. 


The Phantom hated the fact that it was a nobody, and so decided to live life (Or however a robot see's life) to the fullest, he decided to become a Scrawler and began defaceing many monuments around Mega-City One, sparking competion with Chopper.


Becoming angry at his monotomous life going nowhere fast, and knowing that it will eventually break and be forgotten, the Phantom decided to go rouge and became a Scrawler, quickly becoming one of the most infamous, and a common pest for the Judges.  


He went toe to toe with Chopper both of them attempting to out do each other by defaceing famous Mega-City buildings and monuments. Eventually The Phantom openly challenged Chopper to scrawl on The Statue of Judgement. Chopper goes through with it and eventually meets the Phantom, and was surprised to find it to be a robot. The two are discoverd by Judges moments after and the Phantom breifly tells Chopper his story before decideing to go out scrawling and jumps to its death. The Phantom's death left a great impact on the young Chopper's life and helped form his descision on what it was he wanted to do in life. Be famous.

Yeah's later Chopper visits Dead Man's Twist in Austrailia a extremely dangerous Skysurfing track which caused hallucinations due to high radioactivity. Whilst riding through he encounters a hallucination of the Phantom as being one of the many who died to get Chopper to where he was.