The Watchers
Vital statistics
Position Soldiers of Murd the Oppressor
First Appearance Judge Child Quest
Status Active dependant on user

The Watchers were bizarre creatures used by Murd the Oppressor and his descendants as enforcers. They could spit black flame from their mouth.


The Watchers had served Murd for thousands of years as his enforcers, gathering victims for her pet toad monster Sagbelly. When Dredd comes to Necros in search of the Oracle Spice, Murd sends his Watchers to stop him. Alone they of course fail, but with Murd magic assisting them they capture Dredd and one of the Watchers stabs Dredd through the heart with an oversized sword, killing him. Murd later brings Dredd back to life with the intention of feeding him to Sagbelly, however now knowing Murd's power he wastes no time in killing her and her pet beast and at Murd's passing the Watchers turn to dust.

Years after Murd's death, one of her descendants was shown using at least one Watcher as a part of Overdrive Incorporateds security force.