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Trapper Hag
Vital statistics
Position Interplanetary Bounty Hunter
First Appearance Trapper Hag (Comic)
Status Incarcerated

Trapper Hag was an accomplished alien bounty hunter that has encountered Judge Dredd twice.


Hag was brutal and uncompromising. He used his strength to its fullest strength and considered humans to be weak in nature. He showed some honour in battle, but this also lead into his gullibility.


Have accepted several contracts on various humans living in Mega-City One, Trapper Hag travelled to the City and teleported down. He quickly began to track down his quarry capturing or killing them depending on the clause of the contract.


His actions quickly caught the attention of the Judges who corner him. Dredd comes forward and orders Hag to surrender, Hag scoffs at the idea and chucks a grenade at the Judges killing three and badly wounding three others including Dredd. Hag then ports back to his ship to drop off his quarry.

Hag's ship is located just outside the Earth's atmosphere and angered that three men had died under his command, Dredd volunteers to break aboard and try to apprehend Hag. In the meantime, Hag continues to capture quarry before he returns to the ship. As he ports in Dredd attempts to hit his weaponry controls, he misses and Hag knocks him to the ground. Pretending to be shamed defeated, Dredd requests that Hag cut off his head to restore his honour. Hag approaches but as he swings down his axe, Dredd leaps and cuts off Hag's arm with a Boot Knife. Hag is knocked down whilst he reels in pain and taken into custody.

After 16 years incarceration, Trapper Hag escapes after his cell is destroyed during the second Robot Wars. Instead of fleeing for his own home planet, Hag decides to get revenge on the man who had originally arrested him. He attempts to get Dredd to come to him using a citizen as cover, when this fails Hag crushes the mans head in a clamp and leaves. He instead captures Dredd as he rides through an underpass, knocking him off his Lawmaster and knocking him out.

Hag ties Dredd upside down and threatens violence, Dredd only mocks him. Eventually Hag agrees to a hand-to-hand fight to the death with Dredd, he cuts him down and the two begin to fight, Dredd cheats however and grabs a burning torch, igniting Hag's hair immediately. Dredd hits him again knocking out. Afterwards Hag is carried away and incarcerated.


  • Trapper Khan (a minor character from a Lenny Zero story) seems to be based upon Hag.
  • In prog 2253 (in the Dredd story "The Hard Way") Hag's wife, Keeper Hag, is introduced. It is noted that of the couple, he is "the little one".