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Weather Control
Vital statistics
Type Atmosphere Control Station
Location The skies of Mega-City One

 Weather Control (Formerly Atmosphere Control) is a large atmospheric control station that flies high in the skyline of Mega-City One. Weather Control was designed to control the weather in the City often keeping mild and sunny, but on certain allowances such as Christmas it allows snowfall and it has been known at times to malfunction. Judges can also use Weather Control for extreme operations.


Weather Control was built to control the weather in Mega-City One. During the Robot Wars when Call-Me-Kenneth attackedthe Grand Hall of Justice with a squad of Heavy Metal Kids, Dredd hot-wired Weather Control and used it to create a lightning storm around the robots which cause them to short circuit when struck.

Weather control was also used to create flash floods shortly before the Apocalypse War and again shortly later into the war to create a flame filled sky to intimidate the invading Sov-Judge forces.

Recently Weather Control has been shown to be ineffective against certain types of extreme weather brought in from the Cursed Earth.